Small drawstring purse (ø 6 cm)

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Here is the small drawstring purse in leather by Lucrin - ideal to keep in your daily accessories or jewellery. This leather drawstring pouch or aumoniere made in suede calf leather can also welcome your watch when you are on the move, or the foreign currency of a country that you visit often - you are free to choose the way you want to use this small drawstring bag or bucket pouch. It is also a beautiful gift that can be customised with an engraving for instance. You have a great choice of colours but the drawstring is of beige colour only.

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  • En LUCRIN Geneva, protegemos nuestros productos de cuero artesanales con bolsas de algodón que reflejan su calidad. Una alternativa ecológica y reutilizable que, además de proteger, es muy versátil.

    • 1. Embalaje esencial
    • 2. Reciclable y reutilizable
    • 3. Materias primas orgánicas
    • 4. Bajo impacto ambiental.
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5 star  |  2 ratings
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Lovely pouch
This is great for storing my jewelry when i travel.
Its bigger than i expected.
Really happy with my purchase
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Une petite trousse de très très belle qualité
Très jolie petite housse. Un travail vraiment parfait avec un cuir de très bonne qualité. Excellent pour la suite. J’achèterai les yeux fermé . Juste un tout petit détail . Le délai entre la commande et la livraison me semble un tout peu peu trop long mais sans plus
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